What We Do

The King’s Jubilee serves soup, sandwiches, pasta with meat sauce, fruit drink, cold water, fruit and goodies (if we have them) to between 50 and 150 men and a few women in Center City Philadelphia every Thursday night. This is in a park, year-round.

We also share toiletries, blankets and season appropriate clothing with them.
We also try to gather resources for other ministries that serve the poor in Jesus’ Name. If we can’t do it in Jesus’ Name, we don’t have time to do it.

Whom We Serve

It seems that I am always explaining to people why we serve in the open air rather than at a homeless shelter. Many of those we serve are not homeless. They are working at low wage jobs or are “retired” and have to make a choice each month on whether they are going to spend their money on food or rent. This is why our numbers go up as the month wears on. We see more of those who receive food stamps or monthly checks as they run out of money before they run out of month.

The homeless we see fall into three main categories. There are those who are just finding themselves homeless; just released from jail or prison, kicked out of home, divorced, etc.. There are those who have behavior and/or legal problems. People who get written up in a shelter get banned from that shelter. People who misbehave repeatedly end up banned from the whole system. Also, there are many who have bench warrants who would be apprehended if they gave their Social Security number to a shelter. Then there are the mentally ill. Some are paranoid or feel they have been abused by the system so they won’t give out their SS number to enter a shelter.

Men’s Coats, Socks, Hats & Underwear

Octagon Research got us started right this season with four garbage size bags of new white tube socks and two bags of knit hats. We can always use more. We also need coats, sweatshirts, T-shirts and boxers, briefs and longjohns. Think layers. People who don’t have ready access to climate controlled space need to layer.


We prefer to give out used blankets as they are less likely to be stolen and sold. Buy yourselves new blankets and give us your old ones. You don’t need to wait for a special time to do this. Any week you choose they will be appreciated. Either leave them in the Great Room foyer at St. Philip’s or drop them by our house. We will give them away the following Thursday evening.