Larry, Dylan, Ivan, Katie, Alex, Christopher, Amanda, Nicholas & What’s-his-name, etc.

The last several months two different groups of college students and grads have been faithfully serving with us on Thursday nights in Phila. It is thrilling for me to see this, but I have a hard time remembering all the names. Michael met me through, then recruited his girlfriend, his brothers, his brother’s girlfriend and some others to help out. They are from St. Stephen’s OCA Cathedral in Northeast Phila. and St. Mark’s Orthodox Church, Wrightstown.
Larry came out with some folks from St. John Chrysostom Albanian Orthodox Church, center city Phila., and then recruited his roommate and members of the U. Penn. Orthodox Christian Fellowship to join us.

The first time that the OCF came out, they were wondering if they were really helpful, since there were not enough specific serving jobs to go around. They were greatly helpful! I stood with four of them on the other side of the line and it made for order and calm in a rather large crowd.

Also, just the fact that they make the effort to come down and show their smiling faces and share warm greetings to these guys and gals is such a blessing to the people we serve. It is really encouraging to me that these young people understand this and keep coming back. God bless you! And God bless your parents and instructors who set you on the right path!