A Good Habit is Hard to Break

With the law of entropy and our fallen nature, I don’t know if I can say that it is just as hard to break a good habit as it is to break a bad habit, but I think a habit is a habit. It’s a good thing to habitually do good things. Many things we do should not be open to discussion and redirection.

Before we eat food, we should bless it and give thanks. When we wake up, we should thank God for the new day. It is a good thing to have habits of bathing, washing hands and brushing teeth.

What does it take to establish a habit? You decide to do something once, and do it. Then you decide to do it again, and do it. Then you decide to do it again, and do it. Before long you have a routine and it would seem strange not to do what you have made it a habit to do.

I got to thinking about this because in the last few weeks a number of the guys whom we serve in Phila. have noted to me how long I have been serving food on the streets. Some have expressed amazement at my dedication, since I have been doing it for twenty years, give or take. I responded that it’s something I started to do and have so much fun that it didn’t seem right to stop. Dedication has very little to do with it. I think they think I am being a wiseguy at that moment, but I am dead level serious!

If for any reason I cannot go to the city to serve on any given week, there is a great big hole in my week. I have to keep consulting the calendar to reorient to what day it is. It’s my habit (maybe addiction isn’t too strong a word).

Since my habit involves cooking soup and hauling food and supplies for 100 plus people each week to center city Philadelphia; it can be an expensive habit. That’s where you come in. I need you to support my habit. Yes. I’m asking you to be an enabler.
It’s even worse than that. I really enjoy the fact that some have gotten into the habit of making sandwiches on a regular basis. I would like to see more of that. I would even like to see a few more people get in the habit of helping to serve. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t come back. We don’t need any grumpy, stubborn, dedicated people.

If this is right for you like it’s right for me, no one will be able to keep you away, not even with a stick. Addiction; it ain’t pretty.