Hard Drive Crash

When I say my hard drive crashed, I mean it literally. My foot caught the cord and the external drive slammed on the floor. I tried to save a file on it and it went “ding ding ding”. You never want to hear that sound from a hard drive.

This was the drive with all of the edited photos of the icons that I print for “Come and See” Icons, Books & Art. Well the 700 or so that I had stored digitally, that is. Don’t ask me if I had a backup of this drive. This isn’t a happy tale. I cried.

I sent the drive to a data recovery service. They could recover nothing. I was very blue the day they told me that. Lydia & Vincent decided to give me my Father’s Day gift early: a scotch broom plant. They also gave me a yellow daylily just to cheer me up. I planted them both that evening.

The next day I was finishing icons upstairs in the barn, still feeling pretty bad. Then my eye caught a glimpse of the yellow daylily bloom by the driveway. I started to laugh. O, me of little faith! “If God so clothes the lily of the field … .”

It’s still a setback. I have to re-edit and re-photograph a lot of icons, but we’ll get through it.
So if you have visited comeandseeicons.com lately, now you know why there are lilies all over the site.