Barn Update

We are finally making some progress on the barn. Saturday, August 25, Tim Palmer, Jerry Burke and Damien Kovalenko, each helped for a few hours and we took out the floor boards, electrical wiring and joists for a third of the second floor. It was just the leg up I needed. Less than three weeks later the entire second floor is installed. That’s new girders, joists and deck, new lights for downstairs and a staircase that I built myself. I’ve always wanted to build a staircase. Now I have, and it works for going up or down!

The process has not been painless. First Tim fell onto the open beams right after we removed the floor boards. A few days later, I fell through the rotted old floor while stepping from the new floor to catch a piece of plywood. Both legs got gashed and my right leg pretty badly bruised.
This week, Vincent Kaufmann slipped off the new floor between the joists and landed with his shins on a joist of the old floor underneath. I’m glad we hadn’t removed that yet.

The barn will house “Come and See” Icons, Books & Art and provide improved storage for the freezer, supplies and donated goods for The King’s Jubilee.

There’s plenty more work to be done, so feel free to stop by and lend a hand. There is even some more fun demolition to be done, but to get in on that, you need to act quickly.