is Going Greener

We have changed material again. We are now using Microstrand Wheatboard for the icons. This is made by the same company in Minnesota that makes the Dakota Burl. It is made from wheat straw and soy adhesives. We made the change, because the sunflower hull boards tended to throw off chips that would scratch the fronts of the icons during the edging process.

PPG has a no VOC deep base paint, so we are using that to paint the edges in bordeaux red, then varnishing the edges and back with a low VOC varnish, which is no VOC within two hours of application.

The packing materials are either reused from packages received or fabric scraps from a local drapery company. “Come and See” is not just zero landfill. We are net negative landfill.

I think a holy icon should be a blessing in every way. As much as is possible, its physical form should not deplete natural resources or pollute.