TKJ Real Break

In the last Report, I told you that the University of Delaware OCF is taking their Spring Break to come to Souderton and Philadelphia to help us finish the barn and serve on the streets. This is the week of March 30.

The Antiochian Women of Holy Ascension Orthodox Church in Chester County read this. Then they called and asked if they could bring dinner for the gang on Monday evening. What a blessing! Following dinner, we will have Great Compline and Fr. Noah Bushelli will give a talk.

Sunday evening, I will be telling stories from the street. Tuesday evening, Fred Benjamin, who recently moved into his own apartment after about eighteen years on the street will be here to share some of his experiences and answer questions.

Wednesday evening, we will attend Pre-sanctified Liturgy at St. Philip’s. Thursday evening, we will serve on the street in center city Philadelphia. Friday evening, we will take part in the Akathist Hymn at St. Philip’s.

Saturday is the Philly Spring Cleanup.

During the day we will be working on the barn and doing other small service projects locally, depending on how many people participate. We are in need of some host homes for the students to sleep and shower. All meals will be taken together at our place.

Anyone else who wants to come and help that week is welcome to join us. Please give a call or send an email so we know how to plan. If anyone else wants to bring food for the group, that is welcome, too. Just remember, it is a lenten menu.

If we are going to maximize the effectiveness of the time of these volunteers, we need more funds to buy construction materials.
Donations gladly received.