Pass It On

Over the last three weeks we have had new families join in making and serving food with us. They are friends of friends; and some friends of friends of friends.

The week before last, I was about ten minutes late arriving at the park where we serve, because of a couple of detours on the way. There was a group already serving sandwiches and goodies on the benches where we serve. We unloaded and were about to set up. I asked them what group they were with. They said “The King’s Jubilee.” “OK. We’ll serve with you then,” I said. The McGraws were not able to come that night, so these folks filled in for them. Of course, they didn’t know the McGraws or me. One of their girls had come down with her Girl Scout or Brownie troop last year with the Carpenters. She had so much fun, she recruited her whole family to get involved and come down last Thursday. Perfect timing. I couldn’t have planned it better.

Last night, a woman named Beth and her niece and granddaughters joined us with pasta and sauce and sandwiches. They arrived about 25 minutes after we started serving, so I wasn’t sure we would be able to give away all that they had brought. More hungry people showed up and they served all that they had. We had met them two weeks before. They heard about us from someone connected with Girl Scouts.

I didn’t mention another group from St. Stephen’s Orthodox Cathedral that came out with Katie and Mike. They brought bananas and I don’t know what else. Once again, I couldn’t have planned it better myself. We would have run out of food long before everyone was fed. But God had his ram in the bush.

I’m not very good at planning. I don’t knock those who are, but there is just no way to know how many people will show up wanting a meal on any given Thursday night. I just enjoy watching God move and work to meet needs in such joyous ways. Did I mention we had a great time and hung out talking a good bit after the food was gone?

The King’s Jubilee is throwing a party each Thursday night at 8 behind the Galusha Pennypacker statue on Logan Circle. Get your assignments, on what to bring, from God. (It may be just your smiling face.) Pass it on!