TKJ Real Break

UD OCF Real Break crew

The week of March 30, three student members of the University of Delaware OCF took their Spring Break to come to Souderton and Phila- delphia to help us work on the barn and serve on the streets. They were joined for most of the week by their advisor, Basil Peck, and on Thursday by his two teenage daughters.

We finished insulating the upstairs of the barn and installing the interior wall sheathing. We finished the demolition on three of the walls downstairs and fully insulated the largest of them. Electrical wiring was started. The woodstove was half built.

On Thursday, the girls picked up litter around the train tracks in the center of Souderton (across the street from us). They also made the soup and some sandwiches for the street. We all served on the street together.

On Friday, two of the team washed windows and did some other chores for a lady in the local community.

The kids all said they had a great time and that it was the best Spring Break they had ever had. I know it was a real boost to The King’s Jubilee. Thanks gang!