Just What the World Needs: another blog

That’s right I started another blog at www.shoutforjoy.us. This is not officially connected with The King’s Jubilee, as I don’t want to be hampered by the restrictions on free speech that are placed on religious, non-profit orgs. It is my personal blog for profit (hopefully), supported by ads and donations. If you like what you see, you can help pay for it.

For many years now, people have telling me I should write a book. For many years now, I have been threatening to take them up on it. Well the blog is what I am using to write not just one book, but four books that have been percolating in my careenium for some time now. It will also contain a few extraneous comments and an occasional entry from another blog.

The four books are:
Other People’s Children – The article about Rosalie above is an example of what this is about.
Why be Green and How – a Christian perspective on environmental stewardship with practical tips and recipes.
“If You Can Read …” – you can do almost anything: the confessions of a Renaissance man. This is a memoir of my forays into things I knew little about when I started and precious little more when I finished.
How to Throw a Wedding Without Breaking the Bank – This includes practical tips on courtship and marriage and how to have a memorable, meaningful celebration without going into debt to do it.

The blog website is also where you will find downloadable pictures of the parishioners and friends of St. Philip’s. To get into that section, you have to register and be approved. I will not give approval if you don’t have business being there.

So check it out. You can register and leave comments or make suggestions. Sooner or later, I hope to have these edited and published. I am already in conversation with a publisher for one of them.