Twenty Years of Miracles

February will mark the twentieth anniversary of The King’s Jubilee. Through the years we have seen the Lord provide and answer prayer in amazing ways. There’s the lawyer and shrimp roll surprise. There’s the minor peanut butter miracle. There are the countless times when unexpected people showed up with food just as we were running out. There were the police officers who were sent out to harass us and turned in favorable reports to the Rendell administration about us instead.

Then there is the weather. I cannot count the times it has rained while we were on the way to the city and rained on the way home, but was dry the whole time we were serving. There have been several times when we have been drenched, in years past, and that was good, too. So many of the guys would comment that they were surprised to see us in such nasty weather. I just replied, “I eat when it rains. I figured you did too.”

There are so many who have learned to give thanks to God for the meals we have been able to share. A few even come back years after they have moved off the street to say thank you and give glory to God.

How many times have we been down to our last nickel and made it to the city and back on fumes? How many times have we started the day with nothing in the pantry or freezer and in the evening have served over 100 meals?

Through the years, we have met so many wonderful people, both among the homeless and among those who serve them and those who support this ministry.

All of these miracles happen because God loves the poor and you pray and give and work in concert with God’s love. May God bless you abundantly.