Biggest Month Ever

December 2008 was the biggest month ever in gross sales for “Come and See” Icons, Books & Art with over $10,000 in sales. This helped to partially make up for very slow sales in July through November. We finished the year with an overall decline in sales of about $4,000 compared with 2007.

We added an opportunity to donate to The King’s Jubilee to the online order form so more customers donated a few dollars here and there than ever before, totalling about $500 for the year. I got the idea when I was checking out at a grocery store and the clerk asked me if I wanted to give a dollar to Children’s Hospital.

What a great idea. It’s convenient and painless. Autos and zoning have put most of the haves well out of reach of the have-nots. Most people are not confronted with people in need like they used to be. This is a way to use technology to restore that link.