“Make Lemonade”

You’ve heard that platitude: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Well, last week someone gave me a big bag of wonderful, crusty bread rolls. We can’t give them away on the street, because too many people don’t have good teeth to eat them. They end up being fed to the squirrels and pigeons and attracting rats. What to do?

I roasted a turkey Thursday morning with the intention of making turkey vegetable soup. Around noon, I started making stuffing with the bread. I simmered minced onions and celery, melted butter; added sage, cilantro and salt; and started tearing up the rolls and throwing them in. I filled the ten quart pan this way making savory stuffing. Then I got to thinking. How am I going to keep this hot ? How am I going to serve it? What else am I going to put in the soup?

I added green beans, corn, mixed vegetables and garlic to the soup pot with the turkey meat and broth. Then I dumped in the stuffing. I usually don’t try the soup, but I was a little worried about this concoction, so I had a half cup and made Bethann try it, too. It was fantastic!

We didn’t have a super huge crowd on the street, so I was hoping for leftovers. No such luck. They kept coming back for more until it was all gone.