Twenty Years Doing What?

We have been serving meals on the street in center city Philadelphia to homeless and other poor folks one night a week for twenty years. For six years, we were also leading Bible studies and worship services in Graterford State Prison. For four years we were also serving meals on the streets of Pottstown and Stowe, PA, mostly to children, on Wednesday nights. For two years, we were also serving meals and giving out clothes to homeless people in Upper Darby on Sunday nights. For about four years, we also led weekly Bible studies and prayer meetings in Pottstown, East Greenville and Upper Darby. For two or three years, we served meals and shared clothing at two sites weekly in Columbia, South Carolina.

We hosted several all day open air concerts with free food in Center City Philadelphia, Upper Darby and Pottstown. We distributed hundreds of handmade cloth drawstring bags filled with needed items and New Testaments to women inmates in the Northampton County Jail. For about a year, we coordinated a free clothing ministry in East Greenville and found it a new home with Peace Mennonite Church.

Only the street ministry in Philadelphia is still part of The King’s Jubilee. Some of the rest were one time events. Some discontinued, because we no longer had volunteers or conditions changed. Some were shepherded to local churches who continued them for a time. The Clothesline is still operational in East Greenville, for example.

I almost forgot. For two years, we ran The King’s Jubilee Monday Evening Bible Institute, until all the students quit, because the Reformation was so bloody and depressing.

All during this time, we have helped families transitioning off of the street with furniture and household goods. We have channeled funds, computers, a golfcart and other materiel to other urban ministries who are serving in Jesus’ Name with no government support or entanglement.

This was all great fun and we would like to do more! We are always considering the possibilities for other areas and venues for serving the poor in Jesus’ Name. We are open to suggestions. Visionaries are welcome, if they back up their vision with elbow grease. Of course, none of these ministries would have been possible without the generosity and prayers of God’s people. May God abundantly bless you.