Vacation Time

Summer is vacation time for many people. This year, Bethann and I even took a short vacation. The first one in four years. We are grateful that there are faithful volunteers who step in and keep this ministry going. Jerry & Karen Burke made the soup last week and Jerry led the team on the street. Pat and Mike were there with sandwiches and power packs from St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic Church, Pennsburg. The McGraws from Holy Ascension Orthodox Mission were there with spaghetti and sandwiches. Students from Eastern University and Fred and Susie helped.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at our diocese’s Parish Life Conference to be on our Bible Bowl team and to represent our parish at the Fellowship of St. John the Divine and the missions report. That week, Michael Heveran and his mom made the soup and he led the team.
Thanks guys!

In God’s work, no one is indispensable, yet everyone has a job to do.