Any Tuesday Night

We would like to be able to help lessen the burden of our friends at Word in Action International Ministries. They currently try to serve on the street and at Ridge Ave. Shelter on Tuesday nights. Many weeks, they do not have enough food to do both. We are praying for laborers and donors to step forward so that we can double our street ministry to two nights a week.

We can not and we will not do this until we have faithful people who are willing to cheerfully serve, and who embrace our philosophy of ministry.

Also, this would take another freezer, another church to do Turkeys ‘R’ Us like St. Phlip’s, another bakery or grocery store like Landis’ in Telford to donate baked goods, more cups, more spoons, more napkins, more spices, more vegetables, more fruit, more tea, and more hot sauce.

Pray and consider how you may fit into this expansion of ministry to the poor in Jesus’ Name.