Bishop THOMAS Joins Us

On Thursday, December 3, as planned, we commemorated St. Nicholas by giving away at least three one dollar coins to each of our “customers”. Some also went to the children who were helping us serve. We were able to give away $300 of your money in praise of the Trinity and in honor of Holy Bishop St. NICHOLAS. May God bless you.

Another bishop visited us that evening. Bishop THOMAS had arranged to be picked up at the Philadelphia Airport by Fr. Noah and delivered directly to where we serve in center city Phila. They arrived just as we were giving out the last of the hot food. We were giving out the blankets and clothes, the last of the coins and the sandwiches.

Bishop THOMAS was so excited to witness this that he got on his cell phone and called a few people that he thought would enjoy being part of it. On the way home, we stopped at Amir’s Sunoco (formerly Sammy’s). It took him a while to get out of the van, because he was busy dictating an e-mail about TKJ to go out to all the priests in the diocese.

We introduced him to Amir, Chrystina and Donna (the regular Thursday night crew), and he regaled us with stories of the convenience stores and bistros in his neighborhood in Charleston, WV.

At St. Andrew Antiochian Orthodox Mission in Lewes, DE, on Sunday, he gave an enthusiastic report of what he saw. He instructed the mission to forward the bishop’s offering directly to The King’s Jubilee, which they were delighted to do.

It was great fun and a wonderful blessing to receive such enthusiastic support from our bishop. Many Years to Thee, O Master!