Cookies, Hats, Cookies, Gloves, Cookies, Blankets and more Cookies!

Last Thursday, Dec. 17, The King’s Jubilee gave away oodles and oodles and oodles of quality, delicious, homemade, with-the-love-baked-in, Christmas cookies. They were packed in bags with new hats, gloves and a personal note from someone who cares. A Bible study group from St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic Church put this together. They also gathered coats and lots of blankets. It was a jam-packed van load.

This started as a more modest, yet equally delicious, annual event sometime in the former millennium. Rosanne Hayes and my wife both worked at Pennsburg Manor Nursing Home. Rosanne learned of The King’s Jubilee and came up with the idea of having everyone in her circle’s Christmas cookie exchange give an extra dozen for the men on the street.

We also gave away coats gathered at Peace Mennonite Church in East Greenville. Pastor Dave Benner and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Benner dropped them by our place earlier in the week. We have known them for almost thirty years.

I share these bits of history just to illustrate a bit of wisdom I gleaned from Garfield the cat, who said, “Use you friends wisely!”