Any Thursday Night

We serve a hot meal and give away sandwiches, pastries, fruit, toiletries, blankets and clothes to between 75 and 175 men and a few women every Thursday evening at 8pm in the park across from 1801 Vine St. We won’t start serving on Tuesdays until we have a couple more ducks in a row.

I leave St. Philip Antiochian Orthodox, Souderton, as the bell chimes seven. If you want to ride with me or caravan call me to let me know.

The McGraws come from Chester County. Others live in various parts of Philadelphia and meet us there. Fr. Joe Toroney and Mat. Kathy breeze in from wherever they have been working that day.

Feel free to make sandwiches or buy fruit to send. Please call for requirements. Or come out and join the fun! You never know who of the least of these may lead you to Jesus Christ.