Updates on Christmas 2009 Report

Scott had some seasonal part time work over Christmas, and his assistance and food stamps have been temporarily reinstated. Mack was able to land a couple of big commissions, so his truck is back on the road. Jose finally learned what weird stuff the Mormon friend he lives with believes, and is looking for someplace else to live. His mom told him to leave there immediately.

Bishop THOMAS posted an article about his visit to Philadelphia in his blog on the diocese website and included the entire Christmas Report in PDF there. Thank you, Sayidna!

More volunteers are coming out on Thursday nights. So many that it’s like a party! This is great! Several of them have expressed a willingness to switch to Tuesday nights. We just need some more people to step forward to make soup and sandwiches and locate goodies and fruit and we’ll be able to double the ministry.

Give it a try! You will be blessed!