Consider the Lilies …

Something else we have done the last two years is a daylily sale. I am not announcing another daylily and hosta sale.

Now I want you to let those plants do their work to remind you all through the warmer half of the year to remember the poor and homeless in your flowerbeds, in your gardens, in your kitchens, in your prayers and in your pockets and purses.

I am so excited to see the pussy willows fluffing, the daffodils and crocuses blooming and the daylilies poking up through the soil. God loves us so much! He made such delights for all of us to enjoy.

Summer is the busiest time for The King’s Jubilee. Fewer shelters are serving meals. More people are comfortable on the street. Our customer numbers go up. Some volunteers take vacations. Giving tends to go down during the Summer.

On the other hand, this is the easiest time to help serve. School schedules don’t interfere with sandwich making or coming along to serve. It is light out when we serve. It is considerably warmer, with hardly any chance of ice or snow.

Please join us this Spring and Summer. Put it on your calendar as a priority. Let’s help give hunger a vacation.