Last Tuesdays

The plan is to start serving one Tuesday night per month, in addition to Thursdays, starting in May. We are stepping out in faith here. A few volunteers have said they can help or switch to Tuesdays. Financial support has not increased to cover the additional meat and supplies needed, however. I am not really worried. I have found in my life that God’s provision is like his forgiveness, like water in a pipe.

Jesus teaches that if we do not forgive men their sins, we will not be forgiven, but the instant we do, we are forgiven. In fact, we do not even have the power to forgive sins. It is only God’s forgiveness moving through us that allows us to see our brother as forgiven, as we are forgiven.

It’s like the mystery (at least to me) of incompressible water in a pipe. when you turn the spigot which water moves first? The first drop in the sink, the one right behind it that pushed it or the water at the top of the water tower that determined the pressure and speed? It all moves at once. Amazing!

That is how I have seen God provide for this ministry through the years. There is never a surplus, but there has always been enough. There would be no reason for God to supply money and resources to sit around gathering dust and mold. If we have a good use for it in Jesus’s Name, God supplies.

Sometimes he uses people who don’t even believe in Him to do it. It’s such fun to witness! But it’s even more fun for you if you can be a willing conduit for God’s provision.

May God richly bless you as you bless the poor in Jesus’ Name.