Where’s the Punchline?

One of the first Thursdays in Lent, I heard from a Greek priest, a Russian priest and an Antiochian priest that they were each going to join us on the street that evening. I told Bethann and Hilary that at the dinner table. They both looked at me waiting for the punchline.

We did have great fun that night on the street. It was a joy to meet Fr. Chris from Holy Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Elkins Park, and his lovely Presbytera Joanna. Fr. Joseph Toroney & Mat. Cathy and Fr. Noah Bushelli were there. Holy Annunciation is exploring ways to be involved regularly, long term.
This means we have people and resources from two Russian Orthodox churches, one Greek Orthodox church, one Albanian Orthodox church, two Antiochian Orthodox churches and one Roman Catholic church, faithfully involved serving the poor in Jesus’ Name, together. This is a fulfillment of part of the founding vision of The King’s Jubilee. Read Ephesians 4. I get goosebumps.