June 29 & July 1, 2010

TKJ-mobile (when it was clean)

This was the second month that we went to serve a meal on the street on the last Tuesday of the month, in addition to every Thursday. It went much better than May. Four of us traveled in the TKJ-mobile, along with soup, pasta with meat sauce, iced tea, orange juice, sandwiches, pastries, cups, forks, spoons, napkins, salt & pepper and hot sauce. Joe and Suzy met us there. Philip and his daughters showed up with more sandwiches, spaghetti with meat sauce, and peanuts.

There had to have been about 100 people who came through the line, but I never have time or presence of mind to count. Not everyone got some of everything, but everyone got something. We could not be doing this, except that the people of Holy Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Elkins Park, PA, have really engaged in this ministry with us. They took primary responsibility for serving last night (Thursday, July 1), because both Philip and I were scheduled to compete in the Bible Bowl at our diocesan Parish Life Conference in Fogelsville. As it turns out Holy Ascension’s team dropped out, so Philip did not go, but he had come down on Tuesday, so I gave him a night off anyway. Michael brought down five gallons of iced tea and two gallons of orange juice and 100 sandwiches and 100 power packs that parishioners at St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic Church, Pennsburg, had made. I found out that Philip did not listen to me and he and Esther brought spaghetti down to serve last night. It was all served along with all the food others brought, with the exception of a few bananas. What do I know? Once again, the Holy Spirit moves in people with a much better plan than I could ever do.

Someone counted 21 volunteers from Holy Annunciation there last night! They served sloppy joes, fruit, goodies, hard-boiled eggs, etc. It felt so good for me to be able to take a night off, without a single moment of worry that everything was under control and in the hands of faithful people who are in God’s hands.

Thanks team!

I had great fun at the Bible Bowl with my teammates, Nicholas and Christina. We came in second to the team from St. John Chrysostom, York, PA, in the second round of sudden death overtime. I think that was the first time I’ve been any kind of sudden death round in anything. This was in the adult division. Of course the winning teen teams had both of our teams beat by a mile before we started overtime rounds and they went 5 rounds before one member of one team made a mistake.

It was a great event for everyone, and there were no losers. I say this, not in a self-esteemy kind of way, but because everyone who participated studied six epistles and that blessing can never be taken away. I remember a preacher telling our high school youth group many years ago: “Sometimes when you read the Bible, your mind is like a bucket and you take so much in and remember many valuable lessons. Other times, your mind is like a sieve, but, even then, when you are done, it is a clean sieve.”