Meal on the Street Coffee Hour

On July 11, The King’s Jubilee sponsored a “meal on the street” coffee hour after the Liturgy in the great room of St. Philip Antiochian Orthodox Church, Souderton, PA. I made a 22 quart kettle of soup, several families made sandwiches. We cut up a watermelon and put out nine pounds of clementine oranges. Ken made iced tea. We served the soup like we do in Philadelphia: out of a cooler into paper hot cups. We offered hot sauce and salt and pepper. I was tempted to serve it in the parking lot to add authenticity, but was afraid that we would lose too many people in the 94° heat. Another major difference from the street is that Simeon and Benjamin worked the crowd with large baskets, collecting donations for The King’s Jubilee. The response was amazing! Even though it was the middle of Summer and a number of families were on vacation, over $1200 was collected. Praise God!

This will help us keep the TKJ-mobile roadworthy and help address some critical needs to hopefully enable us to expand this ministry to every Tuesday in Philadelphia and continue to explore possibilities in Delaware.

Thank you, St. Philip’s! And thank you, Simeon and Benjamin, for being such persuasive spokesmodels.