Who We Are

The King’s Jubilee is incorporated as a charitable, religious organization. We currently serve about 150 people on the streets of Philadelphia with a hot meal, some food to take for the next day, clothes, blankets and toiletries, every Thursday night and the last Tuesday of the month. We also provide household goods, furniture and cleaning supplies to those who ask for it who are transitioning off of the street into permanent housing.

We are pan-Orthodox with support and volunteers coming from Antiochian, OCA, Albanian, Serbian and Greek churches. We operate with the blessings of Metropolitan PHILIP and Bishop THOMAS with our home parish being St. Phlip’s in Souderton. We also have strong participation from a Roman Catholic church, as well as occasional involvement from people who are Pentecostal, Mennonite, Muslim and Jewish. Every one understands and agrees that we are serving in Jesus’ Name.

Buy Icons to Fight Homelessness

Comeandseeicons.com has a selection of over 1,000 different icons mounted on no-VOC boards made in America from 100% recycled wood. We mail the icons wrapped in beautiful fabric scraps from a local drapery manufacturer. This week, we are adding locally crafted cherry wood wall crosses to our selection. Come and See” Icons, Books & Art (www.comeandseeicons.com) is my fulltime job. I started this business ten years ago so that I could have a flexible schedule to be able to continue the ministry of The King’s Jubilee, and hopefully expand and improve it. So far that plan has worked. TKJ’s menu has improved. We have started serving on Tuesdays. We have been able to help several people transition into permanent housing.

Sales over the last two months have been very low. This needs to change dramatically and quickly in order for me to be able to continue. I can’t be much use to homeless people if I can’t pay my mortgage.

Buy icons to fight homelessness.

Donate Your Car

The St. Phards’ car threw a rod while on the way home from serving on the street a copule of weeks ago. They lead Word in Action International Ministries and are tireless in their service to the poor. Joses is retired. They spend all they have on the poor. If you can make a charitable donation of your used car or van, it would be a great blessing.

“The revolution will not be televised.”

We are finishing what I believe to be our busiest Summer ever. The effects of welfare reform meeting the abysmal job market are being felt and the homeless population seems to be growing. Hopefully the number of people we serve on the street will start to decline for the new fiscal year in the city, as some programs get their new funding and gear up again. With the erosion of tax revenues, however, some programs for the homeless have been closed permanently. It is time for all of you who have been saying that it is the church’s job to care for the poor, not the government’s, to step up to the plate and start systematically giving and getting involved with doing this. The poor need food, clothing and shelter every day, not just when you are feeling particularly flush or at Christmas and Lent. To my Christian socialist brothers and sisters, I have a news flash: The revolution has been postponed, time to roll up our sleeves and get busy addressing poverty and homelessness personally.

Chilly Nights – Time to Start Hunkering Down

We need blankets, jackets, coats, hoodies, longsleeve shirts and jeans. Men, when you are switching in your clothes for the season, just keep your favorites that fit well. Give the rest away. You know you are never going to use the stuff at the bottom of your drawers anyway. How many sweatshirts do you really need? If you finally lose that fifteen pounds, you’re going to want new skinny jeans to celebrate. If you already lost it, you want to get rid of your fall back pants to reinforce your discipline.

It’s also time to start buying yourselves new blankets. Treat yourself to some new blankets. It’s good for the economy. I dare you to buy American made ones if you can. Give your existing blankets to us to give away for you. Clean, used blankets are preferred over new, as the used ones are less marketable, so are more likely to be taken and used by those who truly need them.

Thanks! May God bless you as you bless the poor in Jesus’ Name.

TKJ at Holy Annunciation G.O.C. – Sept. 26

I will be speaking during the Liturgy at Holy Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Elkins Park, PA, on Sunday, September 26. The aim is to raise up some faithful men to join the ladies in serving on the street, as well as to raise additional support to be able to expand the ministry of assisting those moving off of the street. To this end, and for our salvation, I hope to communicate what a joy it is to serve the poor in Jesus’ Name.

Only God knows what I will say. Come listen. Who knows? It could be interesting.

Food for Thought

“Whoever has faith in God and a sacrificial spirit does not consider himself. When someone does not cultivate the spirit of sacrifice, he thinks only of himself and wants everybody else to sacrifice themselves for him. But whoever thinks only of himself is isolated from others as well as from God – a double isolation – in which case he cannot receive divine grace. He becomes a useless person. One can readily see that he who thinks constantly of himself, his difficulties and troubles, and so on, will not find even human assistance when a need arises. Not having divine assistance is one thing, but not having even human assitance is quite another. Then he will struggle one way or another to find some help. He will torment himself trying to find some help from men, but he will not find such help. On the contrary, someone who does not think of himself but thinks constantly of others, in the good sense, will be thought of constantly by God, and then others will also think of him. The more one forgets himself, the more God remembers him.”
-Elder Paisios the Athonite