One Reply to “November 30 – Ron Collins is point man”

  1. Hi

    I am happy to serve as point man for November 30, though we are first-timers. As of now, I have arranged to pick up the soup pot, turkey and coolers from Cranford on Sunday November 28. However, if anyone can help me with more information concerning what needs to be brought I would be much obliged. I expect to bring 4-5 Boy Scouts and their Dads. Each one could probably bring a dozen hard boiled eggs, ten sandwiches, or a bag of oranges. If someone could help me determine what is being supplied, and what needs to be supplied, I can get the word out to them and get squared away.

    Thanks for this chance to serve.

    H: 215-368-6580
    Cell: 215-990-7816

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