Point Man for December 9: Cranford Joseph Coulter

I’m feeling a little stronger each day. It is still with some trepidation that I make this announcement. My PICC line is scheduled to be removed on St. Nicholas Day. Barring any further complications or reactions, I should be fit to return to the street on December 9.

I will make the soup. I will need someone to come to my house by 6:15 to help load the TKJ-mobile, as I still will be on lifting restrictions. It would be great if that person could either drive or ride shotgun.

Please pray that all continues to go well.

Thank you.

One Reply to “Point Man for December 9: Cranford Joseph Coulter”

  1. Jerry Burke insists that he is making the soup this week, so I can concentrate on my business. Since he saved my life at least twice in the last six weeks, I decided to let him.
    My PICC lines are coming out tomorrow afternoon, so I will be cleared for street service in the nick of time. Todd and Joe are riding with me, so the heavy lifting is covered.
    Glory to God for all things!

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