Last Tuesday in Phila.

The 25th was the last Tuesday in January, so it was our Tuesday to serve at 1801 Vine St. I made ham soup. Karen Burke made several loaves of sandwiches. Joanne Wiszneski showed up at my house with two huge boxes of baked goodies right at 6:30, in time for me to bring them to the city. I picked up seven gallons of iced tea. Dr. Jerry Burke rode shotgun and he and I went downtown and set up to serve. I started serving soup. Jerry gave out sandwiches. Suzy served the iced tea and Kenny gave out the goodies. Since Code Blue was still in effect, we didn’t have as many customers as we normally would have at the end of the month. We had enough sandwiches for everyone to get one sandwich and enough soup, iced tea and goodies for everyone to get as much as they wanted. It was orderly and pleasant. Thank you for your prayers.

Jerry and I stopped at the Sunoco on Kelly Drive to visit Farid and Amir on the way home. We had a great time. Music for the ride was provided by two Portland groups: Fleet Foxes and The Decembrists.