Embroidered Hats

We now have hats available for purchase. Their are several colors in a couple of slightly different styles. We are selling them for whatever you want to pay. They cost us about $8 each. They are embroidered in America, but the cotton hats are made in China.

They all feature The King’s Jubilee logo embroidered on the front.  Our logo was designed by Wallace W. Wolff. It is people of different races holding hands in the air lifting a shout. They form a crown. The ideas that we hope to convey with this logo are: “The Lord inhabits the praise of his saints.” “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof.” And the idea that everyone we meet has something unique of the glory of God to reflect and to bring into His kingdom.

They are intended to build team spirit and identify volunteers when we are serving together on the street. Anyone who wants to be reminded to pray for us and those whom we serve  is encouraged to wear one. It is not required apparel for volunteers. We are not McDonald’s.