In the Hospital Again

I apparently had a small stroke on Friday morning. I thought it was just a persistent, funky migraine, but my vision is still messed up and my head still hurts. I spent my birthday getting MRIs. Today I was admitted to Grand View Hospital to get more tests. The EKG shows some trouble, so I had another CT scan of the head. Tomorrow, they plan an MRA and more tests. It’s a bit scary.
Icon production stopped. I can’t see well enough to edit icons, much less operate a table saw to cut them out. If this vision loss is permanent, I will need to figure out a different way to make a living.
My neighbor and good friend, John, volunteered to make the soup tomorrow. He also lent me his iPad which I am using to post this update.
Others have stepped forward to drive and to serve. Praise God.
Please keep us in your prayers.

2 Replies to “In the Hospital Again”

  1. I was released from the hospital on Friday evening, June 17, with a prescription for a Prednisone taper to stop the migraine. They say that I had a “migrainized stroke.” I am hoping the migraine is over. I can see fine, but every little twinge on my right side makes me nervous.
    The neurologist also prescribed magnesium oxide, B2, D3 and B6 to help prevent future migraines and arrhythmia.
    Thank you for your prayers.

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