Poverty Doesn’t Take a Vacation

I say it every year: Summer is our busiest time of year. More people are looking to us for meals on the street, because fewer shelters are serving food and the college based outreach programs are not active over summer vacation. Please include The King’s Jubilee in your summer plans. Make some sandwiches. Buy and chill some cases of bottles of water. Make a donation to help buy the added cups, spoons, produce, spices and hot sauce we need this time of year.

 We can use more volunteers to help maintain order with the larger crowds, as well.

Remember you don’t have to leave the country to have a cross cultural experience. You just need to come out of your comfort zone. Come broaden your horizons with us.

Thank God for Healthcare

 With all the different health problems I have had over the past year, we are so grateful that we have a quality hospital with caring, compassionate staff, right here in the area at Grand View Hospital. We are also grateful that we have health insurance. It is also extremely helpful to have dear brothers and sisters in Christ who are doctors and nurses to help explain the ins and outs of medicine and biology to me.

I cannot imagine what it would be like to live in a region with the kind of health and medical resources we have without having access to them. I would not wish that on anyone. Not any one.