Cranford Had Another Stroke

please pray for me and to give the doctors wisdom to get to the bottom of these atypical migraines and strokes. I came to the hospital ER last night, because the migraine was not responding to the medication and I had symptoms with it that I had never experienced before.
Uncle John is making the soup for tomorrow. I am still looking for someone to drive theTKJ-mobile and lead the team. Please call me on my cellphone.
Thank you for your prayers.
Cranford Joseph Coulter
Cranford Joseph Coulter

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  1. Cranford, I am so sorry you are unwell! May the good Lord help you discover what is making you ill…. I also have migraines and discovered an allergy to corn and all corn-based additives, even the starch in supplements and pills and I get a massive migraine with slurred speech …. have they ruled out diet? Drs. did not find mine, I did an exclusion diet and it was made very clear. Just one tiny idea. You never know.

    I will light a candle for you and keep on praying. What an ordeal for you. May God bring you peace.


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