Operation: Clean Start

When I moved into my first apartment, what was the first thing I did to make it mine?

Cleaned it.

When we bought our first old fixer-upper house, what was the first thing that we did to make it ours (before we did any demolition or painting)?

Cleaned it.

We would like to provide something to encourage people who are transitioning off the street to their own space to make it theirs right away. We would like to be able to provide a kit with basic cleaning supplies and tools to every person who is moving into a place of their own off of the street, in Jesus’ Name. We are calling this program Operation: Clean Start.

We will provide a list of items that you can purchase or some you can make and assemble in a kit. Each kit will include some sort of personal touch from the family or individual that is giving it and a note saying that it is given in Jesus’ Name and that it was assembled by people who are praying for his or her success. A suggested donation of $10 for delivery costs should accompany each kit.

More details will follow.

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