St. Nicholas Day Will Soon Be Here

St. Nicholas
Saint Nicholas icon by the hand of Cheryl Ann Pituch

Every year we commemorate St. Nicholas’ care for the poor and oppressed by giving away at least three dollar coins to each person we serve on the Thursday night closest to December 6th. This year that will be on December 8th. We share the story with those who ask of St. Nicholas and how he used his inheritance to redeem three poor maidens from being sold into lives of slavery and degradation. And how he dedicated himself to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to defend the Orthodox Faith.

We can only give this money away if people give it to us. Population is up this year. Last year, we gave away over $300. This year, we should plan on close to $500. So I am asking for you to use the Paypal button and make a donation so we have money to share in Jesus’ Name to honor this great Saint and to help make the Christmas season just a glimmer brighter for the men on the street this year.

Thank you and may God bless you.