The 2nd Annual Hummus Open

The Second Anual Hummus Open was held at Mainland Golf Course, Mainland, PA, on October 15, for the benefit of the The King’s Jubilee. Eight golfers participated raising one hundred eighty dollars for the cause. The event was won by Michael Diker (Karen Burke’s brother) of Danbury, Connecticut who shot a scorching 41 on the front nine of the course. Pat Burke (Event organizer Jerry Burke’s brother) from Hartsdale, New York was a close second hitting a 42 (nothwithstanding using clubs purchased in 1978 and wearing Converse sneakers as golf shoes). Said Diker, after the match, ” I didn’t realize that Pat was breathing down my neck like that until the 9th hole,” while proudly accepting the Hummus Open trophy. Peter Psomiadis, the winner of the innaugural event in 2010,  was the top local golfer finishing a strong 3rd.

Tournament honors for closest to the pin on the 8th hole went to Diker; winning a bottle of Ouzo for his efforts. Victor Cifree “the gluten free kid” of Staten Island, New York, won the award for the longest drive as he hit it pretty well, and was the only golfer to keep his ball in the fairway on the 13th hole. He won a tub of Hummus donated by Costco,  but no bread to go with it.

Tournament committee members Burke, Psomiadis, Mike Cook and Dave Kelly are planning to make the event bigger and better in 2012. They are hoping that some of our best local golfers like Phil and Jack Morrash, Raj Kyriakos, and lefty Steve Gozur will be part of the field next year.  In addition, Psomiadis will be attempting to make contact with Tiger Wood’s agent and Burke will try to recruit fellow Hibernians Padraig Harrington and Rory McElroy  to help promote the event.