Running On Empty

We are now serving two or three Tuesday evenings each month, in addition to every Thursday evening. This means we need to buy more cups, more iced tea, more fuel for the TKJ-mobile, more hot sauce, etc. We are also helping several guys who have moved off of the street gather things that they need with some furniture, dishes, etc.,  and Operation: Clean Start. Giving is down. I think people are operating under the false assumption that this is a budget supported ministry of St. Philip’s. It is not. We are supported only through designated offerings or direct donations. Normally it is subsidized by “Come and See” Icons, Books & Art. Since I was sick much of last year, the business has suffered, and is operating at a loss. Even so, we expanded the ministry. Why?

  • It is needed now more than ever.
  • Volunteers came forward to make soup every other Tuesday.
  • This ministry is the one thing in my life that I am sure I am supposed to be doing.

Lately, with health issues and various conflicts, and having just enough money to get home on fumes only because I haven’t paid the mortgage yet, some days I have been so discouraged that I felt like quitting even this. Then I had a night like I did on Thursday. We had enough blankets and Ugly Quilts for everyone who wanted them. Morris discussed Isaiah 5:8 with me. Tom was sober. Anthony had a good report from his computer class at Phila. Community College. There a were lot of “thank you”s and “praise God”s.

Those of you who support this ministry with your prayers, your sandwiches and your money should have a tear of joy in your eye about now. Thank you! Praise God for you. We need more like you.

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