I’ll Ride Shotgun!


There are certain responsibilities that come with riding shotgun in the TKJ-mobile (well one) that have been explained in the newsletter, yet most who ride shotgun, do not perform these duties (really one lame task) up to standards. So, in the spirit of bad parenting, since I can’t find anyone else to do it up to my standards, I will just have to do it myself. This does put me in a bit of a pickle, since I can’t drive and ride shotgun, too.

DRIVERS NEEDED for Thursday nights. The TKJ-mobile has been upgraded with new stickers, including QR codes so passengers in passing cars can just aim their phones at a fender and get to this blog. It even has a new aoogah horn. I couldn’t resist that for $10 at Harbor Freight. I even washed it. For the right candidate, I may even consider cleaning the inside.

Here’s the real deal. I have continued to have migraines. They have caused some more strokes. I have noticed some more visual field loss. Driving at night is not such a good idea for me. Cars appear out of nowhere, next to me on my left. We need to leave St. Philip’s, Souderton, as the bell chimes 7 or my house by 6:30. We generally get home around 10. Call me: 267-497-0268.

Thank you.