“Light a Candle” Fundraiser

Our youngest daughter, Hilary, wanted to do something to help support the ministry and she has nothing. She came up with the idea of coordinating a Party-Lite Fundraiser. This is how it works. There are eight different scents of candles to choose. There are three different types of candles: 2 dozen tea lights, 1 dozen votives with a votive glass, or 2 cup candles. All choices are $20 plus tax, for a total of $21.20. All checks should be payable to: The King’s Jubilee. The King’s Jubilee gets half of the proceeds.

Hilary will be taking orders at St. Philip’s. We are looking for others to take folders to bring them to their church and work to sell candles there. It is a quick turn-around. The party closes on July 23. It has been extended.

To get involved, contact Hilary at: hilarycoulter@yahoo.com or call her at: 267-644-8133

O the Indignity!

Sundaes & cones with the works

Dinner & Music

Last night we had a picnic in the park. Imagine that! Mayor Nutter says it hurts him to see the indignity of his fellow black men standing in line to receive food outdoors. His regulation makes it clear he doesn’t see any indignity in manufacturers giving away free samples to people with money, in the parks; or companies having events with buffet lines in the parks; or city employees lining up to buy hotdogs at lunch wagons, then eating them in the parks. These are all dignified activities.

Somehow the dignity level drops when the profit motive is eliminated and only our common humanity remains. That line from Princess Bride comes to mind for Mayor Nutter and his use of the word dignity: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

So, last night we served all beef franks on buns with the full complement of your choice of ketchup, mustard, relish, peanut butter, hot sauce. We had home made vegetarian baked beans (secret ingredients: cocoa, curry & allspice), macaroni salad with feta cheese, iced tea, lemonade, apple pie, peach cobbler, apple crisp, brownies, ice cream sundaes or cones, ice cold bottles of water, peanuts, hard boiled eggs, oranges, and Bob’s home made cookies.

Our own Alison Bennett was joined by Mark Broscoe of Food Not Bombs to provide live music for the event. It was “old-timey” with a single microphone. Beautifully done! It almost made us forget that we were in Phila. for a bit.

We also delivered an Operation: Clean Start kit to a fellow along with some dishes for his new apartment. He moved off of the street after many years. We are happy to help him make the transition and hope to stay in touch to help him further on his journey.

Julie, John & that’s me, in the red hat.

A special shout out goes to Lauren at Starbucks  on Callowhill who rescued us. Jamey forgot to bring his special hotdog tongs he had just purchased for the occasion. He stopped by Starbucks and told her what we were doing. She was happy to aid and abet in committing our indignity. She loaned us a pair of tongs for the event. Speaking of “happy to aid and abet,” it seems everywhere I go in the TKJ-mobile with the large stickers that proclaim “SERVING THE HOMELESS IS NOT A CRIME”, people motion to me to roll down my window and shout encouraging things to me about taking Mayor Nutter down. Or they ask, “What IS he thinking?” or “Is this still America?” It feels very strange to me. I have never been on the popular side of any issue before. I have not received a single negative comment on this one. Republicans, Democrats, anarchists, Libertarians, Socialists, Orthodox, Evangelical, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindi, Jews, atheists, everyone whom I have encountered cannot fathom what is going on in the mayor’s head on this and thinks it is profoundly wrong.

Yes. I did mention peanut butter among the condiment choices for the hotdogs. I noticed toward the end of the evening that no one had utilized this amazing option. I felt the need to demonstrate. I placed a hotdog into a bun and slathered a generous portion of Simply Jif Creamy to one side of the hotdog. I then squirted a thin line of Heinz Ketchup on the other side of the hotdog. I showed it around with a flourish, then I proceeded to devour it. It was marvelous! And completely undignified!

Alison Sailer Bennett & Mark Broscoe with their new promoter.


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