Communauté Positive

Communauté Positive is an international humanitarian organization that arose out of the Haitian diaspora in response to the earthquake in Haiti. It has grown beyond that in diversity and has organized work among the poor in the Ivory Coast, Spain, Canada, Haiti, Brazil, South Africa, and PA and Florida in the US. There are chapters opening up and new works starting all over. It started as a Facebook page. Then they met in coffee shops on four continents. Membership is about 40,000 now and is climbing rapidly. No government money is ever used. The goal is simple. “We can change the world!”

Communauté Positive awardOn Saturday, May 26, Rev. Dr. Chantal Mirambeau St. Phard hosted the inaugural banquet for the Philadelphia Chapter of Communauté Positive. At that banquet, I was among several who received awards. My award is really for The King’s Jubilee for our support of The Word in Action International Ministries and Revs. Joses & Chantal St. Phard through the years, as well as our faithfulness serving the homeless and poor people on the streets of Philadelphia. Thank you all for helping make it possible for me to serve.

Please consider supporting us every month, so we can continue to faithfully serve. May God bless you as you bless the poor in Jesus’ Name.