Court Date Is Set for July 9 – 10

The City of Philadelphia agreed that there would be no attempt to enforce the “Outdoor Feeding Ban” prior to our hearing in federal court on July 9 and 10. This applies to all groups, not just ours. If any of you are harassed or issued warnings by police for serving food in Fairmount Park, please let us know. We also ask that all groups continue to be vigilant to clean up after yourselves. Be good Girl Scouts: “Always leave a place better than how you found it.”

Please pray for this situation. Pray for our lawyers. Pray for us as we prepare. Pray that we will all have clarity of mind and unity of witness for the Gospel of Christ. Pray for Mayor Nutter, that he will come to his senses and stop this nonsense. Pray that the judge will judge righteously.

We would appreciate it if any of you could come down and witness the hearing and provide moral support. When I know the exact time and location, I will post that.

Please consider making an extra donation to The King’s Jubilee for my support in this. I usually do not draw any kind of salary or support. Usually the icon business subsidizes the ministry. Right now, I have been so distracted with this whole mess, that the business has suffered. Plus, I have been ill. (I’m sure it’s not stress related, do you think?) On top of that, summer is our busiest season for the ministry.

Please stand with us in this ministry at this vital crossroads.

The Paypal Donate button is on the right or go to the Contact page for other options. May God bless you as you bless the poor in Jesus’ Name!