Facebook reaches 27,727

" 'Likes' without Paypal is DOA."


I posted this image on Facebook with the following caption:

This is what my granddaughters call a “make-a-wish.”
It is a giant salsify puff outside my front door.

We cannot serve people clicks, likes and shares. The phone company like to be paid in US dollars. The TKJ mobile needs real gasoline and oil. The virtual world is fun, but we need to make an impact in the real world with good old fashioned greenbacks, I’m afraid.
Thank you for the few who have already given and for those who may be in the process.
May God bless this “make-a-wish” and those who respond to it to bless this ministry to the poor and homeless in Jesus’ Name.

Within two hours, we received five Paypal donations and two promises of checks. Two of these were from first time donors. One person criticized the heavy handed tactic. I told him that desperate times called for desperate measures. People have been trying to settle me down for years. Please, I put this challenge out to you. Find a steady, reliable income stream to support and grow this ministry, and I will settle down. Any takers?