Glenn Beck is not our friend.

I never thought I would actually have to explain this, but here goes. Glenn Beck is not our friend. He believes in a flesh and bones god the father who lives on another planet with a harem who give birth to all of us so that, if we behave ourselves and die in our Mormon underwear, and are not dark skinned, we can become gods on our own planets and have our own harems and populate other worlds someday. (By the way, that’s what Romney believes, too.) Mormon doctrine teaches that dark skin is an indication of a failing in the previous life (on the home planet), and until 1968 blacks could not even join the church. The LDS realized they were cutting themselves off from a very large market share of the world, so their prophet changed their doctrine to give blacks souls. They still were not allowed to become priests which is a necessary step toward becoming a god. Glenn Beck teaches another Jesus.

We are told that if anyone comes teaching another Jesus, do not receive him as a teacher, yet millions of evangelicals treat this man as their guru on all sorts of important life matters, even many Orthodox, I’m afraid.

Glenn Beck has done nothing to help serve the homeless on the streets of Philadelphia. He only started this so-called ministry now, because he saw it as an opportunity to give a black eye to big government, as if simply too much government is the problem.
Perhaps, this is a case where too little government is to blame:

  • No universal healthcare so people end up homeless because they can’t pay medical bills.
  • No living wage law so they can’t afford food and rent even though working full time.
  • No mental health coverage, because it isn’t mandated.
  • Inadequate reentry programs for veterans with PTSD.
  • Can’t get a job because of no government enforcement against age discrimination.
  • Not enough funding for Section 8 housing, even though vacancies abound.
  • An agricultural policy that rewards the dumping of surplus or limiting production, over the distribution to the poor.
  • etc.

Just saying, it’s not as simple as Mr. Beck makes it out to be. Diverting donations through a new organization that he set up for the purpose, instead of strengthening the hands of those of us who have been in the trenches for years and who are fighting this fight is not what I call “having our backs.” I don’t understand how his throwing truckloads of food at cities does anything to affect the real problem at hand. The issue is our freedom to personally help our brothers and sisters in need in the public parks; for poor folks to be treated with the same dignity and respect as rich folks in those spaces. Our place of remedy for this is the Federal Courts, which is part of the Federal Government. Mr. Beck said that his goal was to raise 11 truckloads of food “to show the federal government that their services are no longer needed.”

Does no one else see the disconnect? This is not only fatally flawed, he is responding in a most congressional manner: See a problem, any problem, throw money at it. Truckloads of food that have no way of getting to the people in need are worse than useless.

In this situation, it is the local government that is the problem. If it were not for recourse to the federal government and appeal to constitutional protections, we would be out of good options.

Glenn Beck is just being what he has always been, an opportunist and a charlatan.