Glory to God!

The court heard closing arguments today. But, in addition, the city filed another brief last night. So the lawyers and the judge discussed and asked questions about some of that first.

The judge ruled in our favor on all aspects. He was very thorough and understood the very complex, human face of this problem. We have an injunction against the ban on serving food in Fairmount Park until after the trial which will occur sometime early next year.

We wish to especially thank Paul Messing, who got this whole thing rolling, because he “was as mad as hell at the mayor.” Sometimes great things start with less than perfect motivation. We also thank our co-counsels, Mary Catherine Roper from PA ACLU and Seth Kreimer from the Homeless Advocacy Project.

We want to thank our co-plaintiffs, whom I am getting to know and appreciate more and more as this process continues: Brian Jenkins of Chosen 300, Violet Little of The Welcome Church and Adam Bruckner of Philly Restart.

We want to thank all from all over the world who have been interceding on behalf of this case and the poor and homeless on whose behalf it is being waged.

It isn’t over. Please keep praying.

Now I’ve got to get ready to go down to the parkway to serve tonight.

5 Replies to “Glory to God!”

  1. From an English point of view,and leaving aside the respectful mayors views on humanitarianism,the clue is in the space referred to as ‘park’ surely this must be considered not from it’s obvious use and,it must be said ‘abuse’,but to whom the park should and may, be available. Surprisingly,from here,and in these times perhaps a little discretion may be prudent.
    Americans are renowned for getting the job done;surely,if not in kindness,but in political expedience,the learned gentleman, the Mayor may choose an alternative ‘route’ in which to accommodate the less fortunate folk of Philadelphia,whom,it needs to be said,need to be fed.
    Respectfully yours, David Gale

  2. Stay in Souderton and we will take up a collection to purchase bus tickets so the homeless “community” can come to you….you sanctimonious jerk! How dare you exploit these people.

  3. People are people.
    I have taken homeless people home to live in our home on many occasions. We do help them transition off of the street. We also help the homeless in Souderton to find their way.
    We are not exploiting anyone. We do not make a living at this. We actually do help people move off of the street and more importantly stay off of the street.
    The city programs place people into apartments, but ignore their psychological and social needs, so they end up back on the street most of the time.
    They are just homeless housed in rooms overnight.
    We maintain connection and help them transition into their new neighborhoods and surroundings.
    I guess, to not exploit them, would be to let them starve, or dumpster dive or mug or panhandle for their dinner and breakfast.
    Relationships need to be established by meeting people where they live. Stop being so mean.

  4. The so-called “Tax paying citizen” used a bogus email address. So much for responsibility and mature dialogue. It should be noted that a large portion of the homeless, an estimated 25%, are war veterans, many of whom are disabled because of their service to their country.
    So to be sanctimonious over fulfilling the minimum obligation of paying one’s taxes for services received does not make one look good.

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