Another Flawless Performance


I was not quite up to par on Thursday, recovering from some sort of bug, so I stayed home. I made a simple soup. It was turkey with green beans and yams. I packed the TKJ-mobile. Uncle John Haggerty picked it up at our place, picked up cups at Giant and continued to St. Philip’s. There, he, Brian Simpson, and Deacon Herman Acker loaded up the sandwiches that had been delivered there and continued to Philadelphia. They were joined in Philadelphia by some of the usual suspects from Holy Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Elkins Park, and from St. Stephen OCA Cathedral, and from Holy Ascension Antiochian Orthodox Church, Downingtown, PA. They set up the hand-washing station and the food along the benches. They got their gloves on, said a prayer and began to serve. The food was all served in an orderly fashion. Everybody was served. People conversed with one another. They cleaned up the area. The next day I asked John how everything went. He told me, “Flawless!”

In addition to the food to serve, some groceries to give away were in the TKJ-mobile (mostly tea bags). I also sent an Operation: Clean Start bucket along to give to Anthony, since he just moved off of the street. Praise God! He is renting a room in a house. He is not doing this through any social service or government agency. He is not receiving any government subsidy to do this. He is trying to make his way without becoming entangled in and dependent on the “social work industry.” He has his Microsoft certifications from the Community College of Philadelphia, having graduated at the top of his class. He does wiring work and some other part time jobs. He is looking for a job working with computers. He is also a bicycle mechanic. So if you have a steady job for Anthony, give me a call, and I’ll put you in touch. One of Anthony’s part time jobs is closed for the month of August so we are helping him out to make his rent. If you want to help with this, you may either mail a check or use the Donate button. He is a faithful volunteer with The King’s Jubilee and a peacemaker on the street.

In the hearing in federal court we learned that there are about 170 homeless people who live on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. We helped Anthony by replacing his bicycle when it was destroyed by a hit and run driver who also injured him. This helped keep him on track to move off of the street. At the same time we helped him keep his cell phone turned on, so he could keep his medical care on track and get back to work as soon as possible. We will continue to stand by Anthony and he will continue to stand by us. Won’t you also please stand by us as we work to not just serve food on the parkway, but to end homelessness in the City of Brotherly Love! Please make a monthly donation.

That’s 1 home, 169 to go.