Flowers, Candles & Music

Daylilies are amazing. They put forth a beautiful bloom and it is gone in a day, only to be replaced the next day with another glorious bloom. Jesus told us to consider the lilies of the field in order to encourage us to have faith in God’s provision for us. This in turn is to encourage us to share what God blessed us with today with others, knowing that God will have new blessings for us tomorrow. This is why we sell daylilies as a fundraiser. They will remind you to thank God for his care for you. Let them remind you to pray for the poor and for The King’s Jubilee.

We sold hostas, because they are equally carefree and survive well in shade, for those who do not have any sunny spots in which to plant a daylily. We raised $424 in sales and donations in the daylily and hosta sale this year. The plants are from Teich & McColgan of Hilltown, PA. I encourage you to visit them during any of their open houses or to make an appointment. The Teich’s live there. They are wonderful people. Their estate is one of my favorite places to just be at peace, when things are all wrong. Last summer, when I was having migraines and strokes, I was a regular visitor, whether they were open or not.

Hilary’s PartyLite candle sale fundraiser raised $350 in sales and contributions. Thanks to Tabatha Simpson and Mary Jaxheimer who helped with this. The candles should arrive next week.

We are waiting for the final tally on the Royal Ruckus hip-hop MP3 download sale fundraiser. We didn’t raise as large of a ruckus as we had hoped, but  I think it helped us reach an audience we hadn’t reached before.

May God bless you all as you bless the poor in Jesus’ Name.

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