Magnets for Your Car

Serving the homeless is not a crime magnet

We have had to sue the City of Philadelphia to retain our rights to serve homeless people where they live. Our battle is not over. You can take your stand with us and help support the ongoing ministry and the vision to end homelessness in Philadelphia by wearing one of these magnets on your car.

They are 4″ x 6″ printed in black on white reflective vinyl, so you can make a statement on your tailgate or trunk day or night. Make a donation of at least $15 by either check or the Paypal Donate button and mention “Not a Crime” and we will mail you one or hand you one the next time we see you.

Many thanks to Brian Simpson for his donation of the design.


We had a request for the Keep Calm magnets. During World War II, King Edward wanted to be prepared in case Germany succeeded in occupying England. He had these large, red posters printed up with a message from him. They were only to be distributed and posted in the event of an occupation. They were never used. Almost all of them were destroyed after the war. One turned up folded in the back of a large book in a used book store in the 1970s. It caught on slowly at first, then eventually went viral, as they say. It seems appropriate for us, in our presents circumstances.

We are serving the King Jesus in a world that is under occupation of hostile powers. We need to keep our wits about us, not be tossed to and fro by all the strange events in the world in the never-ending news cycle, keep our eyes on the high calling of God, and keep doing Kingdom work of serving the poor and homeless in Jesus’ Name.

This magnet is also 4″x6″. It is also printed on white reflective. It has the new website address on it. Don’t worry. Both addresses will continue to work. It is also available for a minimum $15 donation. Just enter “Keep Calm” in the comments line and we will send you a magnet.