The Court Ruled In Our Favor

We won a preliminary injunction against Mayor Nutter’s ban on outdoor serving of food to homeless people in the parks of Philadelphia. We were hoping it would apply to all groups who serve. When we read the fine print, this is not clear. It does apply to the four plaintiffs, so we are covered. Others are to be covered, if they demonstrate or attest that they are serving out of a religious conviction. I testified during the hearing that I believed that all who serve are doing so out of a religious conviction, according to the testimony of Christ Himself, according to Matthew 25.

We are hoping to use this decision as an opportunity to actually move forward to work with the city make a viable plan to end homelessness in Philadelphia. In the hearing we all agreed that we would rather not be serving people on the street. I said in court, through tears, what I have said many times before, “I look forward to the day when we have a picnic at 18th and Vine and it is a reunion party to reminisce over the bad old days!”

Please pray for us. Pray for all of us. We have been adversaries, but we have the same goal! We don’t know what the solution will look like. Each of us has an idea. Some ideas have been floated. There are two blueprints on the table. It will take several years to work this out. Four things are certain: 1) TKJ will have to adapt; 2) TKJ will need more resources; 3) TKJ will need more diverse talents; 4) The King’s Jubilee will continue to serve in Jesus’ Name!

Pray for us and see how you can make a real impact in these exciting times.


The court’s ruling: Opinion.pdf