Christmas Cookies Needed

There’s nothing like a homemade cookie to bring you back to that feeling of Christmas as a child. We like to bring that feeling to the guys and gals on the street. It’s a way of sharing a bit of our homes with them and hopefully transporting them back to a happier time in their lives for a few brief moments.

Christmas cookies are fun to make. We like a variety, but we don’t need to eat as many as we make to get such a variety, do we? Problem solved. Bake to your heart’s content. Load up those extra plates and send them down with us for the Thursday after Christmas. We hope to have loads of homemade cookies to give away on December 27th. Also, if any of your high school and college students would care to join us and sing carols while we serve or just hang out with the guys to add a more festive atmosphere, that would bring joy to hearts as well.

Thank you. Remember to bake in the love.