Socks & Underwear for Christmas

For several years now, when asked what I want for Christmas, my standard reply has been, “Socks and underwear.” I mean, my life revolves around work and repairing the house. I buy the tools I need for that when I need them. (More likely these days, I borrow them from Uncle John.) New socks and underwear are kind of nice. I have four daughters. They let me buy my own socks and underwear. I am quite capable of doing so.

There are some folks who are quite happy to receive some new socks and underwear. You can have a part in giving it to them. We are going to be helping out in Tindley Temple United Methodist Church‘s soup kitchen’s annual Christmas party on Monday. Our part, in addition to Uncle John, Anthony and I helping serve, is to provide the socks and underwear in the gift baskets for the 75 women and 125 men who will be attending. Time is short. We already have the women’s things. We are gathering the men’s now. If you want to donate toward it, great! Use the Paypal or the donation page or mail a check. If you want to shop and deliver the items to our house on Saturday or Sunday, call and let me know what your plans are so I know how to plan. 267-497-0268

This is the first time we are working with Tindley Temple UMC. I think this is a good thing that those of us who are serving the homeless community are getting to know each other and working together.